We do things a little different here at LowRange, and it’s one hell of a ride

If you haven’t noticed by now, things are a little irregular here at LowRange, and there’s a bloody good reason for that. We’ve always been proud to be genuine 4WDers, who live and breathe the best Australia has to offer. There’s no corporate giant behind us constantly pushing deadlines and pulling strings, so we can spend a little more time at those pristine campsites, go exploring down those side tracks everyone else blasts past, and share a side of Australia few ever get to see. After all, eventually you’ve gotta run out of Cape York and Fraser Island trips to do, right? The downside to that is it’s bloody hard to meet deadlines when you’re chasing Catfish north of Broome or winding your way down a forgotten goat track somewhere in the boonies of the Murchison region so, ahh, sorry about that.

The upside is, without any corporate pencil pushers hounding us with their iWhatsits this year we’ve been able to load up the 4WDs, pack the coffee machine and head off on some seriously epic trips we’ve all been salivating over for years, the kind of places we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, and the DVDs and Blurays will inspire you to get out there and experience it all for yourself. Because that’s what we’re all about here at LowRange, opening up some of the secret spots in Australia and encouraging people to ditch the daily grind and head off for an Aussie Adventure, even if it’s just for a long weekend or Christmas break.

So where the bloody hell have we been? I’m glad you asked, because boy do we have some stories to tell!

The Kimberley region often gets lumped in as one trip, something you punch out in a week or two before crossing off your list. With Ernie growing up in WA the region was basically his backyard so we set off to explore it and really get to some off the beaten path locations, well beyond the tourists traps, the kind of places that’d see us crawling along in low-range just to get to camp. We snaked our way through ancient gorges, fished in crock infested lagoons, explored the Bungle Bungles and set up camp hundreds of kilometres from the nearest living soul, and that was all just in Episode #13.

Episode #14 had us exploring deep into the heart of the Kimberley, a few hundred kilometres west of our starting point. With some local knowledge leading the way we pointed our spotlights towards the infamous Karunjie track, a road you won’t find published in magazines or spoken about on Facebook groups. We wound our way through endless properties, horizons further than you ever thought possible and rocky dry river beds that would chew up and spit out any stock 4WD foolish enough to try. We’re no strangers of tough 4WDing, but when you’re staring down the barrel of a two week walk back to civilisation if things go wrong it puts things into perspective!

From here we headed west to explore some of the spectacular West Australian coastline in Episode #15, with a huge adventure kicking off from Eighty Mile Beach just south of Broome and down through the Pilbara region. The sounds of Kenno breaking down were drowned out by the azure blue ocean lapping against the pure white sand as we made the 1,000km trek south. It was one of the most visually stunning trips we’ve ever been on and also one of the most dangerous. With multiple bogs under the high tide mark, vehicle failure, and more than a little ribbing over the UHF it was one hell of an adventure.

If you’re a subscriber you’ll have Episode #16 on its way to you right now where we wrapped up our Kimberley adventures travelling through somewhere that deserves to be on a lot more 4WDers to-do lists, the Murchison region. Not only the birth place of Ernie, the area is a sprawling oasis in the middle of the desert with rolling green farm land, tropical beaches, and world class reefs to scuba dive through. We’ve just sent off a pallet load of these so stand by your mailbox, you won’t want to miss this one.

Don’t think it’s all sunsets over water and remote desert touring either. In the next instalment of low-range we’re lifting wheels and climbing mountains through the northern tablelands of NSW, along the Coffs Coast. We’ve traded sprawling horizons for tightly wound wheel lifting tracks that saw all three vehicles scrabbling for traction through the hinterlands. We’ve explored farm lands and rivers, mountain ranges and isolated beaches with a few secret spots even the locals won’t know.

So where to next for LowRange? Well it’s all a bit of a secret really, but I can give you a few hints. If you’re from a state that’s always overlooked despite having some of the most impressive locations in the country, like deserts, and mountain tracks, and crystal clear beaches then you might be in for a treat.

I’d love to tell you more, but it’s just not possible. How do you describe swimming with dolphins with nothing but Antarctica on the other side of the ocean, rolling out a swag with the sea roaring on one side and a lake rippling behind you while your mates fire up a camp oven roast, rolling in to a normally deserted dry lake bed only to find it buzzing with hundreds of land-speed record cars battling it out. It’s impossible to describe in words, so if you haven’t picked up Season #2 of LowRange yet you just won’t understand.